Learning to stay positive

Lately I’m gone through a hard time. I arrived at a point where I was completely lost myself and realized that I also lost at that time other people in my life. It was and sometimes it still is a difficult struggle. Suddenly you stand there, lonely..
I trust in the difficult moments on the universe. I listen, look and try to understand what happened and why I sometimes go by so much pain. I love this life, even then..
When I see the sun shining through the clouds, I know that there is always a light in the dark.
For me it means that I want to fight, I wanna know what life is all about. 
I’m thankful that I’ve meet a wise, sweet person.. Someone who is very special for me. He taught me important lessons. His energy that he shared with me, I cherish it every day. From the day he came into my life, I began to believe that there really are people who want to get to know my inner..
I’m learning the world, I learn the positive way..
It’s not always easy, but I do my best to apply the lessons well. It’s like learn to walk..it goes with steps. I’m not yet so far that I can do it everytime in a good way. It needs time..
I learn that not all people wanna punish me. I’m learning to see the difference between right and wrong. Learning every day and work hard on it. Wanna learn to let myself flow with the good..
The reason that I want to share this is important for me. Everyone may know that I’m not perfect, I make mistakes where I’m not proud of. I hope to be able to be a good person someday. I want to learn, discover, grow.. The world and all the beautiful there is.. I don’t wanna hurt people and I am honest in what I want to achieve in this life.
I believe there is a spiritual reason for all the pain that I sometimes feel, but I also believe in the universe. The reason that she has with everything.. I am open to learn why..

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21 thoughts on “Learning to stay positive

  1. You have a very insightful outlook on life – a true light worker sharing wisdom to help others, asking nothing in return. I’m so glad to have “met” you. Thank you for liking my rescue blog. We send you wishes for a happy 4th of July and a future that holds many more in store for you and your loved ones.

    • Thank you, I wish you and your loved ones all the good and beautiful things that life can give.. You guys doing a great job for the animals who need so much help. I have respect for that. Kind regards, Summer

  2. I cane here four a visit. Didn’t really get to know who you are. There is more hidden here than is revealed, and so it’s rather difficult to make contact. But I do hope that someday, we will be able to meet… and perhaps, even to converse.

    • Hallo ShimonZ, thanks for coming by.. The hidden part is the past, I know it maybe sounds mysterical. I have let it go and try my best to face the future, moving forward and grow in the positive way.. Kind regards, Summer

  3. I started my blog for similar reasons, I used my life’s struggles to build my faith and self-awareness, also I write to reinforce to myself what I have learned and share with others who may feel alone in their own struggles. Thank you for stopping by my blog. it is a lovely compliment indeed. Bless you 🙂

    • Hi! Very sweet of you to share your insightful lessons with others. I hope that you may learn many more beautiful lessons. Kind regards, Summer. Peace : )

  4. Thank you for this thoughtful and honest post. It is a up and down journey, isn’t it? The mountaintops must be followed by time spent in the valleys as we journey up to the next mountaintop. I like you comparing our growth like learning to walk… ‘it goes with steps’. And this sentence: ‘Wanna learn to let myself flow with the good..’ Yes! Do that! And please know, really KNOW, that you ARE a good person, rather than needing to become a good person. Making mistakes helps create a life worth living, as we get up, brush it off, learn and continue on. Sending you light and love, Gina

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