Imagine that..

Imagine that you can change the world in a positive way..

I have already shared that I work on a new book. The mission of this book is to let multiple people write there to participate, to share how you live, where you get your positivity from, are there certain quotes that inspire you. The book of and for the world.  You can share your world with others and to others. You can share your opinion, your vision, your experience..  A globally positive book in which the love of everything stay central.

Language is so important, it enables us to share with each other. Share what’s important to the world, to embrace the universe, the people, the nature. To learn, to develop ourselfes, understand, discover and grow.

The world counts 192 member states, several islands groups and micro states. There are about 200 nationalities possible at a passport. There are between 6000 and 7000 languages spoken in the world. Language is problaby originated and evolved during the transition from homo erectus (the first human being) to homo sapiens (modern human being) , about 100.000 years ago. But what do we know about the people who lives on the other side of the world?

It’s so eays to spread hate. I think and believe that it shows strenght and character if you know how to combat this with love. The universe is there for us with her love, we can give that back to her, but also to ourselfes.


‘Write World, World Wide’

How does that sound to you?
Soon, coming up more.


10 thoughts on “Imagine that..

  1. My belief is that people are all inherently good beings for we are created in the image of God, whatever you conceive God to be. And you are right, hate is a strong word and it’s so easy to spread it. For example, riot, all it takes is a single person to instigate a fight. And it snowball. And love is a universal language. Wishing you luck in your book. Namaste.

  2. Oooh, this is a wonderful idea! I am a brandnew entry in the blogging world, but I have already the impression that this virtual world will be able to change the real world… slowly slowly but in the end with a gigantic effect. You are just going in that direction, and I look forward to participate. I’am happy to follow you, Katharina

    • I,m working on this idea. I strongly believe in it. Soon coming up more about this book on my blog.
      Thanks, Katharina for your enthousiasm : )

      Greetings, Summer

  3. I believe you have good intentions, and I respect you for those intentions. Many young people, when they see the way the world is managed, have a desire to change the world… or their country… or their village. But usually, as we grow older, we realize that the world is far too complicated for anyone to deliberately change the world the way he or she thinks would be better. Moreover, in art, literature, and music, there are so many different tastes. As you mentioned, there are many different languages, and each language has its own way of thinking. One could say that every one of us contributes to changes in our world, each according to his talents and understanding… and it is better to be motivated by love and not hate… but often we can’t realize what will be the end results of the influence we either initiate or join.

    • That’s is very true of what you said. We can change the world, but the change itself will shift to balance to a different direction. We human needs different life experiences to achieve inner wisdom, and adversity in life is not a bad thing at all when it can open up our eye to see the world, and our heart to understand true love (to the World). This is already nicely documented in IChing.


  4. Thanks for sharing your positivity, wsj2day! ‘Your inner being’, so true..

    You can click on my blog to keep an eye on the developments for the book. The intention is that there is a site where everyone who wants to come can share their part. All that I want to handle in my book, where of course the names of the participating writers at their piece. It is a project which I hope people get insights about their own lives. How they stand in life and could further grow.. Inner being : )

    Peace and greetings, Summer

  5. “where do you get your positivity from” currently this is a very personal question for me. i have had a seriously hard time ‘getting my positivity’ from anywhere/anbody then i realized that in order to ‘change my world’ i had to ‘change my attitude’ and seriously BELIEVE (oh dang dude, i actually used capital letters – whoa – ) the thoughts i was thinking at present and in reponse to your query: i get my positivity from my inner being. that dude is cool and forever positive! i’m just glad i realize he’s always there for me, regardless of what my ‘outer world’ reflects. peace

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