Nomination One Lovely Blog Award


I’ve been nominated for an award : ) The One Lovely Blog Award.

The rules:

1] Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

A big thank you to Geraldin89. I really appreciate it. She has a wonderful blog with amazing paintings. You cantake a look at it on

2] List seven random things about yourself

Oef 😉

1)   I believe in peace in the world. The world does not belong to us, we belong to the world. Het is free to give love to her and all there is..

2)   I love writing. All my thoughts, the lessons that I learn, my vision about the world..I trust it to the pen. It gives me a lovely flow.

3)   I have dreams to make come true. I believe ,I learn, I discover, I step, I grow. I wanna make life special.

4)   Love listen to good music, it gives me energy and a good mood. Recently I started to play guitar again. I wanna learn to play the guitar strings.

5)    Something strange of me, I love the smell of petrol : )

6)   I am interested in life, in the more..

7)   I want to thank a special person, my friend Mguy. He believes in me and the things I want to achieve. He is a great source of inspiration for me, without him I was not starting a blog. So You.. Thanks! Sweet kiss..

3] Nominate fifteen other blogs

My nominations:





5) chocoeclaire











4] Notify the fifteen nominees.

5] Put the award logo on your blog.

Thank you to all of you who take the time to check out my blog.

Sweet greetings, Summer


27 thoughts on “Nomination One Lovely Blog Award

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  2. First of all, congratulations to you for getting this award. And thank you so much sweet Summer, for including my blog in your list! I am honored and humbled at the same time. I am delighted that you enjoy it enough to recommend it to your readers. Bless your heart 🙂 Hugs, Gina

  3. Hey You, congrats on your award. You deserve it, and so much more.. Stay in your flow and keep amazing yourself and the people surrounding you..


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