The right word

This is funny, but it’s also a mirror for me. This text teaches me that sometimes I say something before I think about it. That is not always good. In that way I can hurt someone, what is  not my intention. That’s not the person who I want to be. It’s good to learn to think about the words  first before I say them.

It is easier to write, in no time you can delete a word before anyone has read it. But that is also the easiest way. The point is that I wanna learn to communicate, as I also want to be approached. Personally, I would inwardly grow of all the lessons I learn. I will learn to speak with my heart in every situation, with love.

Before I act.. Listen

Before I react.. Think


35 thoughts on “The right word

  1. Writing brief but very useful for me, I really like

    everyone may have made ​​a mistake in saying, because it was not previously contemplated and hurt others even if not intentional.

    thank you for sharing this post so that I understand this

  2. Hahahahha..same happened with me…

    I was in multiplex, standing in queue to get movie ticket n a so-called-friend found me n asked- “hey what are you doing here??” n me- “I’ve come to get a railway reservation :X”

    I know, it’s quite common asking such obvious questions.. but it happens.. such questions n answers randomly come out… I’m also infected by this SPEAKING-WITHOUT-THINKING habit.. (happens sometimes) n seriously gotta work on it…

    Nice post…:)

  3. If I had been the recipient of the comment above, ‘….hunting elephants,’ I would laughed, and thanked you for bringing me a smile for the day!

    Everybody’s different but, it also shows our potential for being superficially polite without giving a thought to what’s said.

    • Yes I agree, sometimes we want to be polite, it’s a good thing, more then a good thing.. But yes, sometimes it’s good to think about it before we ask a question or give a reaction.

      Enjoy your day : )

  4. Excellent post! It’s so awesome that you are aware of what you’re doing. My uncle has this most annoying habit of saying, “What’s new? Nothing?” And I’m the one person in the world who would have “nothing” new as I’m always into new projects. But that’s just an example of someone who loves to talk and not listen.

    I’ve brought it to his attention many times that this is an annoying trait of his, yet he never makes a conscious effort to change.

    Another thing I can’t stand is when someone asks how you’re doing and you say, “Good, and you?” And they repeat, “Good. How are you doing?” THAT is like fingernails scratching on the blackboard!

  5. It happens all the time that we talk without thinking. It is hte same you go into a pizza shop and say I would like ot order a pizza…of course….they don’t sell anything else….dumbo….. there are more classics like that. Do you know that one…after you had a haircut they all ask…did you have a haircut….. no I fell under the lawnmover….
    Yes I wished people including me would think more and be a bit wittier and thoughtful. Great post!

    • Haha!, Yes I know that questions. Lawnmover, haha : ) Or when you are eating a pizza.. It goes like this, ‘What are you eating?’ Ehm, a hamburger? : )

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