Open up your christmas card : )

Hello dear bloggers …

My thanks to you guys for al that you share on wordpress.

When you continue reading this post and then click on the link, you see my wish for you.

I send all of you ‘with enjoy’ these Christmas card, because all of you deserve the good that life can give.

Thanks to my friend ‘That guy next door’, who have made Bigcard, that I can send this card to you people. Those card are all made by artists who make such nice creativity art

Sweet greetings, Summer


129 thoughts on “Open up your christmas card : )

  1. Gorgeous – thank you very much 🙂 Love it. I love all this Christmas, cards, and love in the air. Joy!

    Hope you have a beaut time of rest (that to me is what I like best!)

  2. Thanks a lot
    – what a beautiful, inspiring loveful sweet christmas card, really love it… 🙂

    Wish You and Yours a very very Merry Christmas with all my heart… 🙂

    Le Drake Noir

  3. G’day Summer thank you so much for the card and lovely thoughts that go with it. I send you best wishes and lots of fun, happiness and inspiring blogging for 2013

  4. Just lovely 🙂 I love this season, giving, thinking of others. I really appreciate your thoughts toward me for this card. And back atya!

  5. Hey You,

    Thanks for sharing bigcards with your blogging friends and showing them my passion for art, creativity and doing cool things on the web. Your blog is really taking off and it is nice to see so many people enjoying it.

    Keep on making the world a bit more beauriful with your words and thoughts. Just be..


  6. Thank you for the card Summer, I appreciate that you thought about us. Many Blessings for Christmas and may you find the True essence of Christmas this year which is Emanual, God with us, Jesus is indeed Love in it’s purest form and He never lets us down, He created the Universe and everything in it that is good for us to enjoy and we remember to thank Him not just at Christmas but all year.

    Christmas Love from both of us Anne

  7. Dear Summer,
    wish you with all my heart
    Health, Peace, Faith, Hope & Love
    to be your gift set at Christmas & your blessing on all your ways!
    Happy Christmas to you!

    A great thank-you to your thoughtful merry christmas and New Year wishes. I’m soooo pleased!
    Shiny greetings, Katharina

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