Make The Difference.. Be Peace by acting..

There will be No..




respectNo..                 peace



There will be No Love.. No Respect.. No Peace.. by only write or say those words. It takes time and patience to become Peace..

We have to act as we are Love, Respect and Peace. Just give someone a smile when you making a walk.. Say ‘Hallo’ to someone, even when you don’t know who that person is. Wish people a good day. Be someones Sun even when it rains.. Share it with others, share it to the world.

Be Love..

Be Respect..

Be Peace..

Make the difference, we can do this by acting like this.. We all have a pure heart, find it back if you lost it on your way.

Namasté, Summer


114 thoughts on “Make The Difference.. Be Peace by acting..

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  3. You are sweeter than the greetings, Summer. Thank you for prompting me. I do need to be prompted most of the time. 😀 May I use this post as reference material?

  4. Thank you for liking my blog post Affirmation, Gratitude and Herbs For Healing. I love the background you chose for your blog it is beautiful and calming. Also I love your PLUR a friend of mime taught me that and she has passed on so it was lovely to read that and think of her. Thank you for the memory. :~)

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  6. It means so much to me to find more and more people in this world like you, who promote and practice and peace, respect, and unity. This is the path we need, thank you for your posts!

  7. Really like this. Even if it seems like there are a few raindrops in your life, you can still share some sunshine with somebody. That sunshine hopefully shared in abundance with many others has a way of getting back to you.

    Thank you for the sunshine to start the day. It’s 430am, and the sunshine got here before the sun.

    • Yes, when you share your sunshine, you will get a smile back. And if not, then at least you have give someone a the good of who you are : )

      Sweet greetings, Summer

  8. I must try harder . The trouble is here in UK you can get some strange looks back when all you are trying to be is a ‘little’ more friendly … we are a suspicious lot 😉

    • I think that some people have to learn that someone can be nice, just becauce..
      Keep on sharing your smile, one day they will understand : )

      Sweet greetings, Summer

  9. Love this, Summer. A great reminder beautifully formatted. Love the idea of being someone’s sunshine when it rains. Thank you for spreading the love.

  10. We all should write these same words in a blog post of our own.
    I don’t mean just reblog your wonderful post although that is a great idea too.
    I mean actually make an entry of our own and help spread the wonderful thoughts.
    I am going to promise to do that… soon as I do all the other things I say I am going to do. 🙂

  11. Summer, if we could all just do those simple things each and every day, what a difference the world would then be.. If we each treated each other as we ourselves would wish to be treated.. We then would see a kinder, peacefuller world…
    Many thanks for sharing 🙂
    Blessings Sue

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