Don’t be afraid


We don’t think with the mind, we are thinking FOR the mind. Get to know your ego.

The dark emotions like fear are just thermes, words, that blocked your higher self. The higher self  is working overtime to wake you up. Fear don’t killing you. Understand the shadow, don’t be afraid of fear.

The unconscious always shines back, the face that look into it. The greatest symbol of unconscious is the mirror.

You can change your mind if you understand the fear is build in the universe, then the fear lose his power.

Don’t let fear hold you back for progress.

Delete: ‘What if, what might..’

Know your own strengt, learn your inner step by step.. Never let the negative people, or your negative inner voice,  stop you for dreaming and reaching for your goals.

Namasté, Summer



107 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid

  1. Beautiful post which addresses a common weakness – Fear. Abundance of love leaves no space for fear!

    May I add a quote on this ~ “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear”.- John 4:18

    Thanks Summer 🙂

  2. I have just started reading Eckhart Tolle’s book: The Power of Now as recommended by my therapist and I am learning that I need to stop listening to my ego, the inner voice, the negative inner voice, to stop thinking and to live in the Now. Powerful stuff! 🙂

  3. Thanks. You are a true inspiration to me and so many others. Just look at all the followers and comments you receive… maybe I need to be less negative, and more positive.

    • It will help you.. : ) You can learn to be more positive, step by step. Delete the negative when you think about it. Thanks for your sweet comment.
      Have a nice day!

      Love and Peace, Summer

      • Its hard when a Federal Cop across the street and his buddies at a local airport and all around use me for weapons testings every morning. But I continue to try. I’m old enough to be their mother. This is going on all over the country. Their slowly killing us, some they already have for Weapons-Testing monies under the guise of National Security… they are murderous psychopathic Domestic Terrorists and they are slow killing me.

  4. For too many, just survival was overwhelming. The only dream was escape. Today, I live a life I never could have dreamed up!
    If you can hang in there and learn to reach out, you can find another way.

  5. First, what a soothing place to be! Second, the sublimity wrapped around each word of yours reflects pure Light. So true, we are our own mirrors — one only need to learn to look beyond the reflections and into the soul.
    Wishing you more light along the way!

  6. this is a good one:
    “We don’t think with the mind, we are thinking FOR the mind. Get to know your ego.”
    with Love and Inner Peace! May it spread around the world!

  7. “Know your own strengt, learn your inner step by step.. Never let the negative people, or your negative inner voice, stop you for dreaming and reaching for your goals.”

    Sun just touched my face, lifting all doubts from my so heavy shoulders – don’t worry Summer said “Just follow your dreams”.

    • Ahw, how sweet of you these words! Yes, follow your heart but also your dreams. Do the things you love to do with passion.
      Have a great, beautiful day : )

      Sweet greetings, Summer

      • Your dreams are meant for you only, your dreams are only for your benefit and do not help other around you. Heart is place where your dreams and needs meet with need of thous who love and care for you, where love for surrounding universe is borne. So follow your heart and dream of not loosing your way in this wast world.

  8. I told myself that I would make an appoint to hang around positive, uplifting and encouraging people…then I came here! Thank you for sharing this uplifting piece.

  9. I like the “delete what if and what might” directive, Summer, but is there a good mantra to use in it’s place? besides love & gratitude in the abstract, I mean. Great post, and as always, I got a nugget of just the right stuff. 🙂

    • Good question, Charron. I think we must learning to think, ‘If?’, then we will fix it!’
      It’s a choice you make to go for the positive.

      Sweet greetings, Summer

  10. Nice content… nice post… every word is so true.. its really important to shed-off our fears for moving ahead..for “The greatest RISK in life is to RISK nothing”..!!

  11. Summer- Excellent post. We have no idea just how important it is to discover, and reconcile an understanding of ego.

    Without that understanding, ego can run rampant. Ego alone can take us to falsehoods built with judgement based on emotion, leaving all fact in the background.

    • Thank you, Dave. Yes, our ego can take a walk with us, we have to learn the steps, so we can understand our ego and deal with it in a good way.

      Sweet greetings, Summer

  12. Very well written, “Summer”… 🙂

    Unless it is something that is trained
    so that the reactions sits on the backbone
    then the actions or movements of the body
    before it has been told from the brain
    are often “panic” reactions … 🙂

    For example, fire men rehearse, rehearse and rehearse
    all their routines, so they know each other’s routines
    so they can act in the dark rather than to fumbling in the dark

    Life is exercising in practice… 🙂

  13. “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall.. think of it, always.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

  14. Looking fear in the face
    I stick out my tongue
    and go “AHHHHHGH!!!
    I scare myself silly
    and go hide under the pillow…
    When I look out…
    where has the fear gone???
    Thanks for this, Courageous, Fearless One!

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