Make a difference.. Stand up for Peace together..


I,m a believer, fighter for Peace, I’m a fighter for Love, I’m a fighter for Respect, I’m a fighter for Unity.

Our world has some sick moments. How come? We do this!, to ourselves and to the world. We let us get infected  with negativity with some of the choices we make. These choices are all around us, tv, radio, social media, they can all infect our daily lifes with negative impulse. Negativity can be  like a virus spreading in our body’s, in our minds and with that we can become negative persons, depressed people.

For example, when one person is shooting around in a shopping centre and killed many innocent people, the tv will spread this news. Not only one time, no, they let us see this sad news for days! What’s happening with us when we see all these negativity? We get angry about that person who had killed other human beings. There will be hate flowing in our souls. What is not strange, because nobody has the right to kill someone else! But do we really make a difference? Are we taking action, instead only talk about it and let the hate infecting us? How more the tv, radio and social media let us see such negativity for days, then you may see a sort of a hype. A few days later someone else do the same thing! Another person will shooting at people, or beating an innocent person for nothing!

Yes, we live in a world where some people, some outside, some experiences we can’t grasp right away can have a serious impact on all of us. It’s a sickness and we can do better! And I’m not gonna watch this any longer from the sideline. People who visit my blog, knows that I mostly blog for Positivity, for Peace, for Love, for Respect.

So I’m starting a movement for change, to heal our world. It’s time for action, not only by blogging because I want do more. I will that people infect each other with Love, with Peace, with Respect! A healthy virus for each person, for our world.

If you wanna fight with me, then fight.. If you don’t wanna fight for this, then don’t. In that case I will fight harder for you, because every person deserves Love, Peace and Respect.If you believe in this, then believe, If you don’t then I will believe for you.

I will come back later on this post with more news about what I’m working on. It’s a big project, but I will fight for this because I believe in this. We have the power to Heal our world. My heart is Yelling, ‘Do this, Summer, find a way to infect people with Peace, Love and Respect.’

We all are connected, we all are born with a pure heart, a pure soul. We all deserve a human life.

Namasté, Summer


148 thoughts on “Make a difference.. Stand up for Peace together..

  1. I love the words, I believe in you. I love your peaceful messages and am thankful that you pass the word out and make sure people will respect each other, too. Thanks for being there on my posts, “liking” what I say, too.

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  3. dear Summer, yes! I am with you! I think we are all water crystals in this universe together…what we say, feel, think, absorb—all part of each other—–I think positive blogging is beautiful and you certainly achieve that! …we each are tiny droplets but together make an ocean of difference! Namaste! I found this definition so beautiful: Namaste, I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me we are one.

    • Thank you! You words are very wel said, ‘all part of each other’ Together we can make a difference. Positivity instead of negativity. Spread the Love : )
      Have a nice day.

      Namasté, Summer


    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  5. Interesting post and thought-provoking post, Summer. (And thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

    Love, peace, positivity, respect, are all terms that in my opinion are not self-evident, rather they are terms that I think always should be clearly defined because there is so much variation in what people mean by them and what people expect others to mean by them when they use them. For example, Martin Luther King Jr did a great job of this by breaking down “peace” into “negative peace” — which is what most people want when they talk about peace, but really isn’t peace — and “positive peace” — which includes the ability to deal with conflict in a much more direct yet nonviolent way.

    In regards to negativity and violence, I think that the more aware we are in general, including self-aware, and the better our critical thinking skills (making wise judgments and attributions, thinking in terms of a system–of many interacting causes and effects, and not linearly in terms of simple cause and effect), then the better able we will be to start hacking away at the root of the problem, rather than the branches (Thoreau).

    Becoming desensitized, feeling that we are helpless and that there’s not much we can do, becoming apathetic, indifferent, numb, turning away, are all primary parts of a vicious downward spiral.

    Becoming more aware, thinking more deeply and critically, not swallowing the kool-aid of easy trendy pop-psyche new-agey answers, are all part of the solution.

    “Purity is the power to contemplate defilement. Extreme purity can contemplate both the pure and the impure: impurity can do neither: the pure frightens it, the impure absorbs it. It has to have a mixture.” (– Simone Weil, “Gravity and Grace,” pg. 122)

    Just a few of my thoughts as I read your post, Summer. Kindest regards & Namaste,


    • That are great, wonderful thoughts! Thanks for sharing your inner voice. I wish you a nice day, full with beautiful insights, Love and Peace.

      Namasté, Summer

  6. Hi Summer,

    This is truly an inspiring post and one which lays its hand of conscience on so many – it’s absolutely no wonder you’ve had so many responses – you are talking here what so so many wish to hear/know/live/be.

    A solid post. Blessings 🙂

  7. I love this post summer and agree with everything you say. I expose myself to much less news media these days, focusing my attention rather on healing, work, peace and positivity 🙂

    Horrible things will happen in this world, but we don’t need to be shown it 24/7 over and over again!

    Good luck with your projects 🙂

    All the best.


    • Your are doing a good thing for your inner : ) Give her positivity. We don’t have to ignore the bad things, but is must not have get the power of our souls.

      Have a sweet day : )

      Love and Peace, Summer

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  9. Summer, there are only 4 requirements to achieving planetary Love, Peace and respect. First off with “LOVE”, peace and respect is 100% automatic. And of coarse using the word “Fight” is a negative and provocative word implying force. No force is needed. The word “EXAMPLE” would be most productive in seeking and bringing to fruition full planetary “LOVE”. One must be the change one wishes to see in the world. Speaking in general, not saying you’re not that example.

    The 4 requirements are:

    1. One needs to “KNOW”.

    One must stop believing and start “KNOWING”. Beliefs can always be changed the moment an idea comes along that feels better than the previous belief. “KNOWING” is unwavering, unshakable, rock solid faith. “KNOW” that you are “LOVE” and everyone else is “LOVE”. “NO” exceptions.

    2. Non-judgement and labels.

    “ALL” judgments and labels must cease. “We ALL are One” with the creator…with each other. We are “ONE” with nature and yes, even a rock. Everyone and thing is comprised of the same creative energy…”LOVE”. The most destructive force in the universe is a belief in separation from each other and the creator. That is a total impossibility! Only believing in separation makes it true for the one that believes in it.


    Labels/Descriptions are forms of separation that stops humanity from realizing “We ‘ALL’ are ONE”. Labels/Descriptions such as names, titles for certain levels of achievements, colors used to describe race or names of a races origin are all statements of separation. To look a a tree and call it a tree is separating it from the fact, that it too, is part of the “ONENESS”. For one to realize the “ONENESS” that “ALL” is, one must sit and observe everyone and everything without naming it or giving it a title or label. When one can do this, one will begin to understand one’s “ONENESS” with “ALL” that is. Judgement will cease for ever.


    One “CAN NOT” judge another without looking back at one’s self, being free of that same judgement. For what one sees in another, is a direct reflection of self. Otherwise that judgement could not be recognized in an other.

    Example – Driving along you come to a green traffic light and someone runs the red light to the right or left almost hitting you. Then you call that person everything in the book…you salute that person. Can you honestly look back at self and say, “I have never been behind the wheel caught up in deep thought, not paying 100% attention (being “Present”/In the “Now”) and run a stop sign or red light? If you can, then bravo to you because you did not judge the one that just did that to you…your teacher. You forgave him/her and blessed him/her. Not to mention, you continued on with a happier feeling and not anger that would inflict itself further on in your day. You wouldn’t have had that anger to take out on your boss, co-workers, spouse or children. Do you see how much lovelier and more peaceful the day or evening may ended?

    Example – If I saw someone steal a bicycle and judged that someone as a thief, I’d remember what I was told growing up, “As you judge so will ye be judged”. That caused me a lot of confusion for many years of my life because I’ve never stolen a bicycle. So how could I be judged as a thief? Then one day I had an AH HA moment. I realized one day that if I ever stole so much as someone’s heart, joy, enthusiasm or happiness in any way shape form or fashion, then surely I must be a thief. My judgement unto me.

    Non- judgement is automatic forgiveness.

    3. Acceptance/Forgiveness

    To accept everyone as they are is the highest form of forgiveness. Acceptance is “No-Judgement”…”Unconditional Love.

    We are all students and teachers unto each other. Why curse the teacher which bears gifts of lessons? Why curse the student that thirsts for knowledge? Most of us through ignorance fail at both ends of the spectrum.

    When the teacher is ready the student will appear. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

    The student/teacher and teacher/student come together.

    Remember the one that ran the red light and almost hit you? That my friend, was a teacher. You were the student. That teacher came at a time you needed to deliver a lesson…an opportunity for you to learn forgiveness. Did you pass the test/lesson by forgiving and blessing that person/teacher, or did you curse and salute the teacher? If you received the lesson and passed with flying colors you will not be called upon for that experience again if you have learned to accept, forgive and bless the teacher. Accept, forgive and bless “ALL” adversity.

    4. Unconditional Love.

    Unconditional love is not love such as that for a parent, friend, spouse or, I’m sorry, not even chocolate.

    Unconditional love is “TOTAL ACCEPTANCE” of what is beyond judgement.

    When the collective consciousness of this planet en masse, understands this, then there will be a quantum leap toward total peace, harmony and love. There will be “Heaven” on Earth.

    I’m not saying what I have stated is your “TRUTH” or anyone’s. However, it is mine.

    There is no truth. Truth is individual. No one can tell another what truth is. Only the heart can. The heart is the seat of creation and creation knows the only “ONE” truth.

    Namaste Summer, Jerry

    The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. In Sanskrit the word is namah + te = namaste which means “I bow to you” – my greetings, salutations or prostration to you.

    • Hallo Jerry,

      I like your examples to not judge someone when you did maybe the same thing. You made it clear with these examples for people who have to learn the insights. Fighting can be seen as a positive word too. Like, ‘I will fight for my dream to come true.’ It means that you give all you have to become there. It’s the person who reads it and makes it probally a negativity, ’cause he or she linked it with for an example, war, people who beats on and other. It’s what your inner connect with the word and situation. You have a choise, positive or negative.

      I’ve read your pingback post. I’m glad that I’ve inspire you. You have written a very clear post.

      Namasté, Summer

      • Thank you Summer. What I tried to convey was, you don’t even have to fight for your dream to come true. It is already a truth. Wanting the dream is the first part of the creating process. The second part is “KNOWING” it is your’s already and that knowing being in alignment with the feelings in your heart. To say one is fighting for something they want is a statement of lack or don’t have it. The statement of lack will keep one wanting what one is saying one does not have. I want a new camera but I can’t say I don’t or can’t have it because lack of money. However, I can see it in my mind, feel the joy in my heart as though I already have it and know it is mine already then the creative process/prayer has been set forth and will come to fruition. It is not none of our business to question how that will come about. God/Creator (which ever works best for you) works in mysterious ways. I hope I explained myself sufficiently and if not, that’s OK. 😉

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  12. so many comments… 🙂 … great work on this post. We admire you Summer. We want in on this. Tell us what we can do to help, we totally want in on this. Keep blogging we need your warm wishes and beautiful ideas more than we know. Kindest regards from your friend,

    • Thank you, Nicholas. Yes, it’s an honour and give me the spirit to move on with this project. I have to mention that my friend keeps inspiring me and support me to. He is a great help on this project and I’m thankful for that. Success to you and your team : )

      Peace and Love, Summer

  13. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

    I’m with you Summer, our world is a constant battle between good and evil and for good to triumph it must be sought constantly. I choose always to see the good in everyone and expect only good. I am seldom dissapointed.
    Keep loving,

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  15. Hi Summer, loved reading your blog and it is so inspirational. Thanks for leading me here – and thanks for dropping into mine – each visit has been really appreciated and I look forward to your visits. I shall be back soon, thanks for your blog and comments, really enjoy everything.

  16. It’s a terrible thing but there will always be war as long as there is profit to be made from it, I fear you are on the losing side. All the same, I’m with you on this one – I don’t mind being outnumbered when the cause is just. From the Latin PRO PACE PUGNO – I fight for peace!

    • I understand you, but I only can do this with my believe in Peace. It comes from my inner, passionating from my heart.. Thanks for your support!

      Love and Peace, Summer

  17. What finer reason to exist? I will of course, be with you to do my part. You might also consider networking with Bloggers For Peace.

    I am anxious to hear your unveiling of this project.

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  19. When you want to fight to make the world different, you become part of the problem. Your post is very angry, and a contradiction to what I’m seeing you wanting to do.
    Becoming love in yourself, truly connecting to it. Then by demonstration spreading it to the world… is what creates real change. All the rest is just ego. We can’t make people change, however we can change ourselves, and soon we find people want to stand beside us because of our inner love. And they connect to they’re inner love, and the wave of change is created.
    I will not fight for anyone… I will love for you, and create change from a higher perspective, than that of which it was created.

    • My post is not angry at all but I do understand that you found the word, fight, not good. You don’t know what my project is all about, but it’s a positive movement not an angry one. Besides that I believe in many ways to share the Love. It’s not only the love in our inner, we can share our inner Love by sharing and learn other people. I use the word ‘fight’ as an expression. It has nothing to do with angry feelings, or demonstrations. We can people learn how to Love, how to find it in their own heart, how to share it. Learning that positivity is the solution for negativity. You have your own idea about this and thats okay : )

      But I will ‘fight’ for Peace, for Love, for every human being and the World in a positive way. I can’t just sit and watch how the worlds get sicker. I will be active for Peace.

      Love and Peace, Summer

    • Thank you for your sweet comment. We can make the world better, I believe in the good of every human being. We all are born with an innocent heart, we can go back to that Love.

      Love and Peace, Summer

  20. I agree with all the positive comments you received. I will be cruising around to look at the blogs of the people who’s comments appealed to me and there were quite a few. video, Play for Change. I Have it some where with a video of When You’re Smiling sung by some old wrinklies like me. I must also go and have a look at as his last paragraph touched a spot in my heart.

      • I hope when you click on this link you will get what you wanna hear.
        I thought as you have lots of followers you may like to introduce them to one another by selecting a post you really like and hyper-linking it. I was thinking of doing this myself but I just have too many obligations to carry it out. I am sure you would find a very good post to feature in one of your posts now and again. Just an idea I had you can use it if you want to. You may have something better planned. I am looking forward to your next post. All the best Jack.

  21. I would like to paraphrase one of the quotes on the page: If people are trying to bring you down, perhaps it is because they need a hand up.
    If nothing else, it is food for thought.

  22. Dear Summer,
    “We all are connected, we all are born with a pure heart, a pure soul. We all deserve a human life.” You’re so right and I’m just looking forward to get to know more about your project. We Are The World… !! Wish you a de-&lightful day, Katharina

  23. Dear Summer,

    Fight is such a strong word for peace, because fight will never achieve peace, and for those who win, and triumph, it comes with the price of arrogance, and no peace of soul. I do not know if Gandhi used such a word before, to ask for peace, certainly not the Buddha. Just my opinion =).

    I do not know how to achieve peace for mankind, but I just know every good and bad thing has the opposite values, just like the Tao about Ying and Yang, non separable. Everything and every people around us, good or bad, is a lesson and the lamp of wisdom for our heart, for a test, a test to show us how true we can achieve inner peace, and I see my journey is still a long way to go, in this life.


    • I understand what you are saying. I’m not Ghandi, I’m Summer and do this on my way. Ghandi is unique who has learn us so much, I’m jusing the word ‘fight’ as an expression. We must try harder to do our best for Peace for all of us. War is a bad thing, people who shoot others is a bad thing etc. That are no lessons, that is hate and must be overcome with Love. That is my opinion.
      I’m glad that you find you way and learning.

      Love and Peace, Summer

      • You are right you are not Gandhi, but you are Summer, and I leave this quote to you:

        “When I was a child my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. If you become a monk, you’ll be the pope.’ Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.”


  24. We should, must, all do out bit for “tolerance” to transform into true love and lasting peace everywhere. This is usually a two way street but even if one finds resistance one should continue serving truth because it will surface in the end.

  25. You are fighting against the darkness in your own way and I support and agree with it.

    To help people maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity is very important.

    We both want the same thing for the world; Peace, Love and Equality. We can each try to do our part as best we can. We may fight in different ways but we are on the same side and we can fight together.

    • Exactly, no matter how you fight for Peace, It’s important that each of us do this.
      And you are right, we want the same thing, Peace for all of us.
      Have a nice day, Richard and thanks for your comment.

      Love and Peace, Summer

  26. Great post! This was very inspiring and moving. It’s great to see people writing about a love movement. Not to get “religious,” but this is exactly what the teachings of Jesus were about.

    His message, unfortunately, got fuddled up with two thousand years of man-made religion and I think we all missed the point.

    • Yes, but we all can do something about it. It’s time for us to take action. Not with hatefull demonstations, but with spreading the Love in action.
      Have a nice day and thank you for your sharing.

      Love and Peace, Summer

  27. Summer my heart is “yelling” too. I spread love to every person I come in contact with. Literally. I find the way. I blog about it to help readers see the need to do the same in their own little mission fields. I tweet about it to 10,000 of thousands of people everyday. I want to do more too. Please keep me posted as to what you come up with. So much love I send to you. Sheri

  28. I agree and it is a lot like me. There is one thing the public must understand. The media can’t be blamed here. The “Perfect Community” people that would take everything uses the news and allows media through to get people afraid of media. They use this propaganda, why the news is never rated, to scare people into wanting more control-loosing more choices-loosing democracy. Their answer is always the same: More control will correct it all. However more full disclosure at the top down in government AND their supporting NEW World Orders will take care of the problem. At the bottom it is easy. Always more government and more crime. Effective government would provide no crime.

    This brings up why your campaign is important. Deprivation is their biggest crime. It is what causes all the street crimes and constant debt. The control freaks that need the public pots to feed their egos, simply don’t care whatever lip service they give out.

    The most important thing is not only surround people with more positives but make sure they can take credit for producing more positives as well. People are starving for appreciation in their problem solving skills and contributions to a better all. So for those you do see I hope you start a campaign in ideas to bring them out so they can do it themselves. That is why I said no rules on my award I made.

    For Summer especially: My award I made myself got more attention then any other post I did and still does. It is still my top post. What it tells me is people need to be recognized for more positives they do then negatives. This to me is non-verbal communication I pay attention to. I believe this to be more effective then verbal communication. The other awards still get a lot of attention the way I set them up in posts.

    So I agree on a positive campaign but credit must be given where credit is due. When people say they want full disclosure, it is very ugly at all the old tops. Especially since people have lived and died for the fact that WILL be fully disclosed exactly by fact too.

    So take the news for what it is. Government and the New World Orders that supported them controlled the media as their main tool to develop their own need to control people. History will show them for exactly what they are. The New World Power is going to preserve fact not “control need” propaganda.

    Government can’t possibly own positive rein-enforcement for people, only provide the means. The new will also refuse to overstep its limits. It certainly can’t do this starting out with a negative. People must have people tell them they are good too. I hope making my award to add to the others helps for your positive campaigns. Humanity is very weak here and it will take time for all individuals to believe not only in the new power but themselves as well.

    I don’t have many followers on my blog. Maybe you have enough to start this positive campaign to award positive credit where positive credit is always due. It is the great self esteem builder that develops mental skill to keep positive and always able to put the negatives down. Any ideas here you have, I am there to join in it to.

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