Lets Move Peace4Ward Together..by acting!


Hey there you..  Great bloggers,

We haved to start somewhere, somehow.. if we want more Peace in our lives.  A movening experience for all of us.. For now I say, ‘Move Peace4ward.‘  We all can stop the hate, the bad things that’s going on in this world. Go for the positive, ‘infect’ other people with the good! Can you do that? I believe you can do this.. That we can do this together.. By acting, not only by words! If you are into this, then show it..

I’m working together with my friend on a special project where people can come together. There will be a special name for it and a logo. We going to work with several social media. There will be a place for stories and idea’s, suggestions from you, a place for video’s and interviews. Also will there be a place for shirts with incredible text’s on it. More about that coming soon. To create all this, it needs time because we wanna do it right and good. Most of all it’s important that it does work out for each one of us. This movement has to become Big and touching  many people as we can!

I keep you updated and wish all of you Love and Respect.

‘Be Peace..

Be you..

‘Give someone a hug or a kind word, be Peace by acting. You can let shine the day for anyone you want to’

Namasté, Summer


97 thoughts on “Lets Move Peace4Ward Together..by acting!

  1. A priceless gift to a world that needs peace more than ever. Chaos around and within takes away our reasons for truly living the life we are destined to have, cherish and enjoy. Peace and love to all!

  2. Summer,

    This is exactly what I have been talking about lately with others. SO refreshing to hear the message being spread elsewhere. Thanks so much for sharing this and for liking my page. Hope you have a great day. Your upcoming project sounds excellent as well. I wish you well on that and looking forward to see how you progress with it.


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  4. I have nominated you for the sunshine award. If you choose to accept please follow the instructions under my post. The process is long to accept and post, so i understand if you decline. Blessings on your day.

    • Very sweet. I already have that one, but I appreciate your kindness. Congratulations with yours!
      Enjoy your day.

      Love and Peace, Summer

    • Thank you, Robynn. Kind of you to say. The background is designed by my friend. The honor goes to him : )
      Have a nice day.

      Love and Peace, Summer

  5. This is a great project! You must have the gift of administration and inspiration from God. “Go forth and conquer!” 🙂

  6. Lovely post I am greatly inspired by your words “Give someone a hug or a kind word, be Peace by acting. You can let shine the day for anyone you want to.”

    Thank you dear Summer & Namaste

  7. Summer I need not tell you how much I am behind you in this… We so need Peace and the more of us who can gather together and bring awareness to others and help create change by bringing Unity and harmony to our thoughts and actions will always get my attention ..
    Much Love and Peace to you Summer…
    Love Sue x

  8. I’m game! Just recently a local radio station hosted 30 acts of kindness for 30 days and it was a great uplifting experience. I can envision your project as having the power of reminder which is something so many forget when bombarded with acts of violence and horrifying world news. Peace starts in the heart.

  9. That’s great Summer, you are a beautiful person. I am eager to see what the project is and join if there is anything I can do.
    Sweet greetings to you, regards James 🙂

    • Thank you for your kindness, James : ) I will let you know when you are needed, and if you have any idea or suggestion I will hear it from you.

      Have a nice day.

      Love and Peace, Summer

  10. Glad to hear from you! You have been missed! I’m excited to hear about the project. You never cease to motivate and inspire 🙂

    • So sweet! During the bussy time, I’ve been read your blogs, ’cause they all are inspirational in their own special way. You are Peace, Wayne : ) Nice to hear from you

      Love and Peace, Summer

    • Hello Sandy,

      Kind of you to share your intrested mind. You can be part of it, infact you are Peace : )
      Have a sweet day.

      Love and Peace, Summer

  11. So very happy you’ve returned. You’ve been missed.

    I look forward to details on this project. The Peace Is deserved by, those desiring a peaceful universe, a peaceful earth, a peaceful existence. The rest may leave, in peace.

    Love & Peace, and welcome back!

    • Ahw, so kind Dave : )
      I’ve read your blogs during my absence. I had a bussy time, with a move from one house to the other. My focus is here again 🙂

      Love and Peace, Summer

    • Thank you so much. Yes we all need it, the world need it. We can make positive steps. Lets begin a movement Peace4Ward 🙂

      Love and Peace, Summer

  12. There is an old First Nations saying here in Canada, I have adopted as a mantra because of it’s wisdom. I hope you find it helpful.
    “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
    We borrow it from our children.”

    • Yes I know that saying. It’s beautiful and so true. Sure we can use it! There wil be a place on the site for quotes like this one. Thank you for you sharing.

      Love and Peace, Summer

  13. Hello what a beautiful thing to do, if I can help in anything I am a graphic designer so what ever you need I can help, take care Summer.

    • Hello Doris,

      Thank You so much. I wil let you know and if you have any suggestions, they are all welcome. Very kind of you.

      Love and Peace, Summer

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