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Go make it happen

Go make it happen

                                                                                     Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams. Stay away from people who wanna  tell you, that you can’t do it. Do what you will achieve with love. True love for what you believe in. For yourself, for the people who stands beside you, for the world. Make … Continue reading

Imagine that..

Imagine that..


Imagine that you can change the world in a positive way..

You share your world with others and to others in a book. I already start a beginning and love to place your story. You can share your opinion, your vision, your experience.. A globally positive book in which the love of everything stay central.
How does your world look like? Where do you get your positivity from? Write your poems, get your inspiration from quotes or write your story in a book form of a couple of pages. You can help to make the world a better place. Share and learn with each other and from each other.

‘Write World, World Wide’ How does that sound to you?
Soon, coming up more.

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Here I am world!

As a child I had many questions. Questions about the world, about feelings, about inexplicable things, about everything.. I had also the strong feeling as a child that I may be here on this world to discover that there is more.. The universe tells us so much.. One of those discoveries for me is that I … Continue reading

A new book..

The world is so big, so many people and animals. We can learn from each other and with each other. I have more concrete plans for my book. It gives me energy. Energy that I love to share with anyone who is open to write a piece for a new book. Soon more about the developments and what … Continue reading