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Peace is a free choice, this Award for you to..

Peace is a free choice, this Award for you to..

A song from John Legend, wake up everybody, shared by my friend.. Now I know that it has wake me up in different ways.. Last day I’ve learned important, insightfull lessons and it wake me up about being me and in the person who I want to be. One of these lessons I want to … Continue reading


Lets Move Peace4Ward Together..by acting!

Lets Move Peace4Ward Together..by acting!

Hey there you..  Great bloggers, We haved to start somewhere, somehow.. if we want more Peace in our lives.  A movening experience for all of us.. For now I say, ‘Move Peace4ward.‘  We all can stop the hate, the bad things that’s going on in this world. Go for the positive, ‘infect’ other people with … Continue reading

A Thanks For Yourself Great Bloggers

A Thanks For Yourself Great Bloggers

  Hallo sweet Bloggers, First I like to say: Thank yourself, for the Kind Soul You Are! The past few weeks I’ve been nominated by several sweet Bloggers, each of them with his or her own way of blogging. I wanna say to you all, ‘A Sweet Thank You, Dear People.’ You all inspiring me … Continue reading

Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid

We don’t think with the mind, we are thinking FOR the mind. Get to know your ego. The dark emotions like fear are just thermes, words, that blocked your higher self. The higher self  is working overtime to wake you up. Fear don’t killing you. Understand the shadow, don’t be afraid of fear. The unconscious … Continue reading

How ‘Bullies’ can arise

How ‘Bullies’ can arise

I was a child of 14 years. My parents just separated. It was a difficult time. No explanation, no consolation, no hug.. Nothing.. I was confused. Questions remained unanswered. I didn’t tell  it to my friends and girlfriends. I embarrassed myself. What I did, I became a ‘ bully. ‘ That was my way of … Continue reading

Nomination One Lovely Blog Award


I’ve been nominated for an award : ) The One Lovely Blog Award.

The rules:

1] Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

A big thank you to Geraldin89. I really appreciate it. She has a wonderful blog with amazing paintings. You cantake a look at it on http://colourfulsketchbook.wordpress.com (The Colourful Sketchbook)

2] List seven random things about yourself

Oef 😉

1) I believe in peace in the world. The world does not belong to us, we belong to the world. Het is free to give love to her and all there is..

2) I love writing. All my thoughts, the lessons that I learn, my vision about the world..I trust it to the pen. It gives me a lovely flow.

3) I have dreams to make come true. I believe ,I learn, I discover, I step, I grow. I wanna make life special.

4) Love listen to good music, it gives me energy and a good mood. Recently I started to play guitar again. I wanna learn to play the guitar strings.

5) Something strange of me, I love the smell of petrol : )

6) I am interested in life, in the more..

7) I want to thank a special person, my friend Mguy. He believes in me and the things I want to achieve. He is a great source of inspiration for me, without him I was not starting a blog. So You.. Thanks! Sweet kiss..

3] Nominate fifteen other blogs

My nominations:

1) Gina’s Professions for PEACE

2) II 4S Aopmrdd

3) The Water Bearer

4) Bams Triwoko

5) chocoeclaire

6) thepainterspalate

7) Ganesh

8) Ian Gardner

9) dilipnaidu

10) mybeautfulthings

11) Aina Balagtas

12) wsj2day

13) Complex Simplicity.

14) Bambi’s Hope Rescue

15) Zeebra Designs & Destinations

4] Notify the fifteen nominees.

5] Put the award logo on your blog.

Thank you to all of you who take the time to check out my blog.

Sweet greetings, Summer

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