Here I am world!

As a child I had many questions. Questions about the world, about feelings, about inexplicable things, about everything.. I had also the strong feeling as a child that I may be here on this world to discover that there is more.. The universe tells us so much..
One of those discoveries for me is that I want to achieve goals. Want to do something for the world with everything that lives on. But how? A few years ago I found out that I did not know myself. I had lived all this time but was also always been on the run for myself. Who was I actually? It was time to get to know myself, to discover who I am and what I want to do in my life. For a year now I’m working hard on myself. 

I want to thank for that a special man, someone who believe in me. In the moments that I had it hard, he continued to believe in me. I’m so grateful to him. No longer on the run, but learning how to be.. Only then I can achieve goals.
Every day I discover who I am, my inner.. It teaches me many insights. Insights that I learn by beautiful lessons but also through difficult.
For me it is important to live as a lovingly, respectful human being.
My heart speaks increasingly the language of the targets that I want to achieve. I am learning to understand what my heart already knew all this time.. I may be.. I may do that which I support.
So here I am world! I’m ready to reach my goals and make them come true.
It takes the disipline and strength, but I have confidence that I can make it.  Yes! I want, I can, I may.. I put myself in with 100%.
In it I start with one of my goals a new book. A book which I have given already a small primer. At the moment I work hard on it. Soon I can tell what the book is more about. A book by and for the world.. So in time I can need help from all the people who want to share his or her own world. I came back to that later.

9 thoughts on “Here I am world!

  1. For you the dawn came a long “time” ago. It is now morning for you; use it to learn the purpose of life and do not chase the rainbows that you may see through the eyes of others.

  2. You sound passionate and inspired! I pray you all the hope and strength in the world to succeed. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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