A new award : )


A kind blogger, Reena,  has nominated or given me this award. Thanks to you Reena, that you give me this. I will embrace it. If you have time, please visit her at http://reenareigns.wordpress.com/ and be inspired.

I find it difficult to nominate people, ’cause there are so many inspiring bloggers. So if you’re name is not on it, know that I put all of you on this list if I could : ) Thank you so much ‘bloggers’, for dropping by, for the likes, for the follows, for the comments. You’re all so kind to me. Keep me inspiring all of you : )


In order to keep the award, the following rules must be followed:

1 Link back to the person who nominated you.

2 Post the award image to your page.

3 Tell 7 facts about yourself.

4 Nominate 15 other inspirational bloggers.

5 Notify the 15 nominees.

7 facts about myself:

1  Last year I learned so much about me, about life. (Thanks you Mguy.. You’re special for me  and you inspire me often)

2  I, m very inspired to write my book.

3  I embrace everything that gives me positive energy

4  I  love to have fun in my life.

5  I, m learning to play the guitar.

6  The color of my eyes are braun : )

7  I learn how to live.
(So, pfieuw : )

I Nominate those 15 inspirational bloggers:
1   http://mixandmatchmeme.wordpress.com/      Mix&MatchMeme (You make me laugh, thanks for that Mix : )

http://idolanuel.com/ Ido Lanuel (I read you’re blog sometimes with my mouth open : ) It’s very inspiring)

http://mysmallstillvoice.wordpress.com/  Margarita

4  http://mindfulness4now.wordpress.com/  Mindfulness

5 http://dilipnaidu.wordpress.com Dilip  

http://colourfulsketchbook.wordpress.com/ Geralin89 ( You make beautifull art)  

7 http://landoffun.wordpress.com/   Land of fun

8  http://verticaltales.wordpress.com/  Verticaltales

http://justspokenthoughts.wordpress.com/   Just spoken thoughts

10  http://twisindezak.com/  GeeDeBee’s

11 http://antodesimone.wordpress.com/  Antonio De Simone

12 http://heartflow2012.wordpress.com/   Heartflow2012

13 http://roastedonion.wordpress.com/  Roastedonion

14  http://holessence.wordpress.com/  Speaking from the heart

15  http://playamart.wordpress.com/  Zeebra Designs & Destinations

I wish you a nice day and keep on bloggin’.

Sweet greetings, Summer


38 thoughts on “A new award : )

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  3. Well done and congratulations. I apologize to you because I have already received this award which you couldn’t know because I cannot get the award icons to stay up on my site, so I thank you for your kindness. regards Leanne

  4. Congrats for a well deserved award Summer. It is indeed gracious of you to select my blog for the “Inspirational Award”! I will try to adhere to the rules.
    Thank you & kind regards.

  5. Thank you so much for this award is for me a great and pleasant surprise, this makes me very happy! I wanted to congratulate you for your blog is very interesting! A greeting and thanks again! Antonio

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