Are you in? A new book, written by people all over the world


Some time back I’ve been told about a project where I’m working on. It’s about  a book written by people from all over the world. The purpose of this book is that it gives a positive contribution to the people, to the world, no mather where they live. Every man goes through difficult moments in his life which make impact. Each of us has a own bag. But how do you keep your head up in such situation? What keeps you strong in difficult times?Are there people you help through it, are there certain quotes that have influenced you? Or give music you the positivity or love? In short where have you positivity from fetched when you had a hard time. 

In every country people life their lives in different ways. Here in Holland are other rules, other living conditions than in America or in India and so on. Because of this difference, people can help each other to insights.

There will be a site for this project which is made by my lovely friend. When the site is launched, all your stories can be placed by yourself. People who are interested in this project can sign up on that site. The frontpage of the site is really awesome.  In addition to stories the poems and beautiful pictures are also allowed. I’m thinking about some details such as, are the  people who have the most likes come in the book, or that I decide by myself what the most impressive stories are or by famous writers.

There will also be some famous writer/writers sharing their story in this book what ultimately is going to be released. In due course there will be more explanation on the site itself, which I will post here. I have a lot of sense in this! We can help so many other people who have it hard and you can learn this people by stories, how to stay positive again in life.

I would like to receive comments from people who wish to contribute to this project. Not only bloggers will make this book also people who are writing somewhere else. Thank you in advance! 

We all are connected.. We can change the world in a positive way..

Sweet greetings, Summer


26 thoughts on “Are you in? A new book, written by people all over the world

  1. Hi Summer, I would love to be involved and I would love to see all those stories. Can you give me any information?

  2. A beautiful idea and yes each of us are connected in so many ways many do not readily understand… Lets hope more can connect to each other and enlighten still others… as a ripple effect can be created among the pages….

  3. We ARE all connected Summer, we ARE.

    I love your ‘re’ – you are SO artistic/creative. This is an awesome idea. I’m going to check in when your web site is up. 🙂

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