This is for You, my friend.. Pure from my heart..


With this post I would like to thank a person who is very important for me. I am started this blog  by him. He deserves a thank you for the good person he is. The sweetest man I know, my friend.

The past year I have had a difficult time. I had a breakdown and lost faith in my body, in my mind.. In that time I also have to make decisions that were not easy and have influenced my life. In a time when you learn that you will appear only in certain situations it is difficult to remain upright.

All this time my friend continued to believe in me. He held my hand and climbed with me up the mountain. He continued to believe in me as a human being, in whom I want to be, in who I am. It was also a difficult time for him, but he remained beside me. When I had to fight to stand upright, he fought even harder. Every day is a learning day.. I move forward.

He taught me to believe in myself. To learn that I must accept things that I cannot change. To let go off the past.. To learn my innerchild again and the way to grow my inner.
Sometimes I even go through difficult moments, but I keep on fighting because I want to live, love, laugh, learn, enjoy all the beauty there is. I have dreams that I want to make come true. He motivates, encourages and inspires me. He is the one who makes a site for me to achieve a book with people all over the world. He is such a creative person, that live his dreams. I enjoy his dance with the universe, in everything he does and everything he is.  I’m sure he will make the dreams he believe in. 

Hey, You..

I’m proud off who you are..

Thank you, for loving me..
Thank you, for everything you are and everything you do for me..
Thank you, for your beautiful soul in my life..
Thank you, for your patience with me..
Thank you, for the lessons you learn to me..
Thank you, that you believe in me..

Dance You, dance en be You.. Sweet and pure..

Kiss, Summer


33 thoughts on “This is for You, my friend.. Pure from my heart..

  1. Your strength and gentleness are such an inspiration to me. Do keep sharing and good health to you always. I admire your courage. a fellow blogger – Bob

    • Thank you, Bob, for your kind words. I’m learning step by step, day by day. I believe that we all have the power to change our thoughts into the positive. With a lot of patience and believe, we can become the person who we want to be.. Learning the inside and shine it outside : )

      Sweet greetings, Summer

  2. I also started my blog inspired by a heartbreak and a love of one person – all in one! 🙂 It’s amazing how one being can inspire you for creating of numerous beautiful things! 🙂

  3. Having gone through a Nervous Break down Summer Its only those who hold our hands who stand by our sides and let us see the strength we truly have helps us pull ourselves back up that Hill… Wishing you well in all your new days to come.. And may they too be filled with loving hearts

    • Yes, you’re are so right. It was and is very important to have people beside you when you live in fair and having no trust anymore. The breakdown learned me more about live, about embrace the beautiful things even the little ones. I’m learning every day, and growing step by step.. Thanks for your sweet words, Sue. I wish you love and all the good.

      Sweet greetings, Summer

  4. I had not realised it had been a difficult year for you, Summer. A breakdown for me last year, and this year you.

    Well, in all of that we can rest assured the world didn’t end – 12/12/12, you know.

    Bless you, & I wish you a great Christmas – you & your special friend. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful post!! Your friend reminds me of the quote by Albert Camus (my favourite friendship quote) “Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” Friendships = Hope!

  6. I do not know why we have to experience some things, but they just happen. We all deal with them in different ways. But some us…YOU…are so fortunate to have someone to help and guide you. To believe in you and to remain with you.
    You can be at peace because you did not have to travel alone.

    And by sharing your story, I think you have given hope to and encouraged many others.

    • In the difficult moments of life, we can find more meaning and learn more to appreciate what we have and what love is al about. But sometimes I wish the difficult moments where easier. I will learn from the beautiful moments also : )

      Thanks for your sweet words, Mix

  7. Hey You,

    I have just finished reading this post and I am touched by the words you have written.
    We did encounter soms difficult moments, but they were kept in balance with beautiful moments as wel. You have grown so much and reading these words from the heart, from the soul, it shows me it was all worth it and more. I am proud of you, on how you have grown and on how you have decided to change your live around for the better.

    Stay creative, stay lovingful, stay beautifull. Keep on discovering all that makes life and living something beautiful.

    A loving kiss!

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